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The Foundation is not a religious organization nor does it have any spiritual authority but it provides a service to those who may be interested in pursuing an understanding of the teachings in their own lives.Mission hamara Foundation recognised trust which help the person who require treatment and is not able to attain the required medication due to some personal reason such as money assistance or any other.We are the trust which thrive for people and work for their well being and better life.So with just a little monetary or being a volunteer in our trust you can save the life and add to the mankind.

The Foundation maintains an extensive archive of hamara Foundation's original works in the form of hand-written material,books,transcripts and audio and video recordings of thousands of talks and discussions,meetings and conversations.There is also a collection of hamara Foundation's letters,photographs and reference material about him,his life,and his works.All this requires special techniques of preservation and the care of a trained archivist.